Islamic State group targets gays with brutal public killings

(AP/BASSEM MROUE) – “Take them and throw them off,” the judge ordered. Other masked extremists tied the men’s hands behind their backs and blindfolded them. They led them to the roof of the four-story hotel, according to the witness, who spoke in the Turkish city of Reyhanli on condition he be identified only by his first name, Omar, for fear of reprisals.


Lucky are those who were able to escape persecution. I normally refrain from publishing terror-related articles because more than anything it’s very political. But while the West is obsessed with Caitlyn Jenner or Justin Bieber’s exposed buttocks, these unfortunate men are being murdered simply by being who they are – gay.

I had the opportunity to live in the Middle East for a couple of years back in the nineties, I’m not going to mention where for privacy reasons, but this I can say from first-hand experience: Women are out of reach by men until they get married. There’s no such thing as dating over there. Men can’t just marry, they also have to come up with a huge sum of money for dowry and gifts. And unless they’re wealthy, they will be bachelors for while. So chances are, they are very likely going to experience a gay encounter before marrying a woman. And it’s not uncommon, just unspoken.

Having been raised in a place and in a time where being gay is being frowned upon, where it’s acceptable to “beat the gay out of you,” I realize early in life that I need to be somewhere where I can be myself. And my ticket was education. My journey took fourteen years, and I paid a lot for it, including losing touch with family. But it’s all worth it. As a Canadian, I have so much to be thankful for, and not just the freedom to live my life in my own terms.

I’ve seen what living a lie does to a person, and it’s as tragic as being persecuted. It eats you up from the inside. You can only pretend so much. This I know from observation of some people I know and from confessions of a friend.

What these fanatics are doing to these wretched souls is barbaric. Western leaders needed to do something about it, not just extend help to women and kids. If gay men can find a way to move elsewhere, where it’s more inclusive, they should do it. There’s no amount of land worth any man’s life. It’s not being unpatriotic, it’s survival.

It’s sad to think that these atrocities hinges on religion. A belief system that preach about peace, unity, and love … (spit).

Viva su vida!

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