Derrick Barry and Robbie Turner – Class Acts

Robbie Turner & Derrick Barry (bluebay700)I had the greatest pleasure in photographing two of my favorite entertainers in the drag world, Derrick Barry – world famous Britney Spears impersonator, and Robbie Turner – one of Seattle’s top caliber drag queen and comedian. Shot at two o’clock in the morning on location at one of Seattle’s historic landmark, the Baroness Apartments – a well-kept residential hotel built in 1931 by Schack and Young (some say the building is haunted).

The shoot was so much fun! Derrick and Robbie were so gracious and fun to work with, considering they just wrapped up a show prior to the shoot. More on this later…

I’m antsy to share this, but timing is everything! Official photos will be released at the right opportune moment, which means very soon!

For now, I leave you all with this teaser video of the shoot …

In case YouTube screws up, here’s another reel. :)


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