Photography : Show Some Goddamn Respect!

Olympus-OMD-EM1#Seriously, this is what I’ve observed with some people, I’m not gonna name names, but it’s a prevailing attitude with some people – who are not even the sh*t – with photographers. Same bullshit.

Photography isn’t just about wielding a camera & pressing the shutter button. It’s a very technical art-form, and an expensive one. You have to study and understand things like: apertures, ISO, f-stop, prime, zoom, focal point, exposure compensation, lighting techniques, framing. Know how to use them a  on top of that … you need to be very skilled at post-production work – which requires expensive software & talent for editing (basically painting, but on real images). Retouching isn’t rocket science, but the quality of work will depend on good skill … to produce a high-impact realistic perfection. Then you have to have a special visual talent to find that best angle to know where, when, and how to take a shot –  in movies that role is called Director of Photography. Then there’s time. That shot that took 1 hr to set-up, 10 seconds to shoot, will take so much more time in post-production. Sorting hundreds to thousands shots to find the best ones can take hours. And for event photos, editing shots can take up to half an hour each frame, and for portraiture, it can take anywhere from 2 to 14 hours of work, depending on the detail. Unless a photographer is professional (meaning it’s their main source of income), it’s something done out of love for the art & in support of the subject. It’s not just a simple hobby, like stamp collection, it’s an expensive technical craft. So before you maltreat or look down on photographers (including amateurs, those who do it for fun and not for a living – you can be very skilled at it but if it’s not your main source of income you’re still an amateur, it has nothing to do with quality of work) think of all the effort they’re going to put into a single shot to make you look good & support your shtick. Believe me, there are others out there bitch.

Photography is just like any other talent, it takes skill, money, & technical know-how. Anyone who pursues artistic expression as a hobby or for work should fucking get it, don’t be such a jerk. Now, paparazzo is another story, that’s business driven and it’s a brutal life, I’m talking about your local friendly photography hobbyists.

When people get tired of your work, when your shtick becomes irrelevant, photographers will still continue thrive.

You’re being given a huge effin favor. So show some goddamn RESPECT!


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