Star Wars – The Force Awakens … Good For Nostalgia

Possible Spoilers. But I’m trying to be vague.

Star-Wars_The-Force-AwakensStar Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens” … overhyped. I was so stoked when the teasers came out, especially with the Millennia Falcon making a 360 over the dunes. And the prospect of seeing the original cast was so thrilling to think about. And I wondered where they’re going to take the saga’s story.

Now that I’ve seen it, it’s just okay. I’m not disappointed, but I wish they gave it a new spin, and not just repeat plots they’ve done in previously episodes. It’s only great for nostalgia, and that’s about it.  It was awesome to see the main casts from the first three movies, … and the Millennium Falcon, but even that didn’t last long. I was hoping they’d do something more exciting than just being there.

The movie is predictable and it has a few holes. I was like, “OK so she’s a scavenger, and she’s a what now? Really? Ugh, my bladder.” I just hate it when movies “accelerate” the prowess of villains or protagonists, it’s like they just all a sudden acquired so much skill in a few hours. The Supreme Leader Snoke was too mysterious, they didn’t explain his character too much. In contrast, Kylo Ren, the Sith apprentice, character development was very well done, they described him well. Though, I was chuckling at the difference in the  depth of his voice when his mask was on and off. And what the heck was Greg Grunberg doing in this movie? He looked so out of place. I kept trying to block him out, lol, because he was ruining my fantasy (he’s hot with the beard though).  And why didn’t they just turned on R2D2 if it had very important information that will help them win the war if it’s just sitting there all the time gathering dust?! Oops. 

I was impressed by two “Ex Machina” (2015) casts who are in this movie, Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson – they did an awesome job in that movie. Gleeson did a great job as General Hux. His rally the troops speech was amazing. And his internal power struggle with Kylo Ren is reminiscent of Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader in “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Nope.”

Then the scene inside the enemy’s base, before they detonated it, the confrontation on the plank or bridge – remember “Luke, I am your father.” –  with one of the original cast was very anti-climactic, again, predictable… all of that scene was predictably. What a waste.

All in all, I there’s nothing in this movie that gave me any wow factor. At least the last three episodes (I, II, & III) had moments that where simply amazing. The visuals where also more stunning and grand. This one was only good for the nostalgia. The major scenes has been done; the rebels’ main objective, the duel, the bar, the plank – ok, loosely based.

The franchise has indeed moved on for me, since the last three prequels. But it’s still a good movie nonetheless… but not great.


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