Romanesco – The Strange Encounter

RomanescoI was at my local grocery store shopping for supplies for the battle next week – work after Holidays. A senior lady was behind me at the checkout counter. She placed one of this on her pile of groceries, and I said to myself, “That’s a weird looking starfish. Is she going to eat it?” After stooping really low for a closer look I saw leaves sticking from the bottom. So I asked her what it is. She said, “It’s a romanesco.” I thought she’s mad. And I was like, “Huh, strange name for a starfish. How does it taste like?” And she laughed and said, “It’s like broccoli but only better.”  And I replied, “Well I sure don’t want to eat that. It might burst out of my ribcage.” I got a few laughs from strangers. I didn’t want to look again, they might think I’m that ignorant. So after I got all my groceries I sneaked to the back of the grocery store and looked for it… and took a photo. Strange thing to eat.

It’s a Romanesco, not a place but a vegetable … and not to be confused with the Russian Imperial family that got exiled and murdered during the Russian Civil War in 1918.


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