Pacifico’s “Earth From Here” featuring Jeb Havens

EarthFromHere2Check out this awesome music video by Pacifico (DJ Pornstar), “Earth From Here“, featuring Jeb Havens.

It’s a very well made music video. It’s fun, carefree, rustic, and tamed.  With Pacifico’s adult entertainment background, I was expecting a lot of skin and flaunting of body parts, like what we’re used to see in pop and hip-hop music nowadays. But there was none of that. It’s still sexy but very tasteful. Great cinematography. Great panoramic and wide shots, it’s breathtaking. I do like road trips, open roads, and the desert… so the location and highway shots appealed to me. We need more of this kind of content in the mainstream media.

The song features Casey Everett and Corianne. The video is directed by Pacifico!



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