Trixie Mattel – Ages 3 & Up … A Must See Show!

trixie-mattel_ages-3-and-up_-151Trixie Mattel, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven cast and two-time eliminated contestant, made her one-woman show world debut, “Ages 3 & Up“, to a very decently packed venue in Canada. Held last February at XY Nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia, she’s the second RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnae to do a solo act world debut in Canada. Willam Belli, the controversial drag queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Four, debuted her “The meWme Snow” at the same venue, then named Heaven’s Door, in August 2014. Both acts were brought to Vancouver by TFD Presents.

trixie-mattel_ages-3-and-up_-143Her show is different from the other Drag Race solo acts in that it’s more of an autobiographical variety show. Variety in the sense that it is not just a stand-up act, there’s dancing, singing, gag, “stunt”, and some drama. Thanks to her background in theater, she’s able to pull off each act effortlessly. And unlike Bianca Del Rio’s stand up act, “Not Today Satan“, or William’s, hers was moderately clean. There was just enough profanity and toilet humor (and incest), like when she sucked the head of a Ken doll or reminisce about her “relationship” with a family relation (I’m not giving that away). She also incorporated drama, audience interaction, video reels, and special effects – and I say that loosely, like when the lights changed to set the tone of a flashback scene. She also took a punch at some of her fellow queens, including RuPaul, and the show. Of course we all know it’s all in jest.

trixie-mattel_ages-3-and-up_-114Her show’s video intro was good, and her mid-show video reel was great. It was a great “filler” while she did a costume change. The video material were also well produced. Like the one which was obviously shot in front of a green screen where she pretends to work in an office and taking calls. What makes her show really effective is that it has a storyline. There was a point of it all, a sense of direction, and not just a string of jokes. Her jokes were funny and palatable. Each act wasn’t over the top and overdone. There was enough stand-up, singing, drama, “stunt,” audience interaction, obscenity, video “filler”, etc. There was no awkward moment.

trixie-mattel_ages-3-and-up_-130If there’s anything I would suggest to improve her act, it would be the mid-performance video reel. It was a tad too long. Yes, she played it while she did something important backstage but … WE WANT TO SEE TRIXIE LIVE. :) I have to acknowledge that it was great, so it kept the audience entertained. But then again, Canadians can be too nice and forgiving. I may or may not have heard an audience member apologize for not enjoying the show enough … I’m kidding of course. But sheriously, it was a tad too long. Perhaps opt for costumes that are easy to put on and split the reel into two so there are two mini-breaks instead of one long break? Eh? Right? “Your show, your rules, your funeral.” That’s my improvised Drag Race quote reference for the day, which I’ve been dying to use!

trixie-mattel_ages-3-and-up_-108Since there’s no way in hell we can avoid comparing Drag Race acts. And when I say “we” I mean, I. When it comes to solo comedy acts by Drag Race alumnae, between Bianca Del Rio’s “Not Today Satan“, Willam Belli’s “The meWme Snow“, and Trixie Mattel’s “Ages 3 & Up“, I find the latter the most entertaining. And considering that it was her first run, it says a lot of her showmanship, creativity, and talent.

Ages 3 & Up” will resume its tour in June (or so I’ve been last told), so children … keep your ears on the ground. I highly recommend it.

Check out some photos of the show here.


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