Email Delivery Control Patent And The Absurdity of the US Patent Office

email_pattentI think the US Patent Office should do something about its application process. In particular, it should only review applications that pertains to REAL novel and unique inventions. Remember Apple’s shape application? Absurd. Now, Kevin Spacey and Dana Burnetti was granted patent to a somewhat generic e-mail filter system. Anti-spam and intranet security systems already do this! It’s like someone applying for a patent to an immune system. It’s nothing novel. All it does is create extra burden on developers and to an already expensive technology stack.

The duo was awarded patent 9306887 B1 on April 5 by the U.S. Patent Office for “systems and methods for implementing email delivery” and received the physical patent on Thursday. Brunetti unveiled the patent via his Instagram account.

“The invention relates to systems and methods for managing emails where an email server that may comprise one or more computer systems, and which may be part of an email system, receives an email addressed to a specified first user,” the abstract reads. “The email server may analyze the received email and access one or more electronic databases, which may comprise information related to one or more respective registered users of the email system. The databases may be stored on one or more computer-readable storage media operatively connected to the email server.” – Read more from


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