RuPaul’s “The Realness” Is High Grade

The-Realness-Top 3I was listening to RuPaul’s “What’s The Tee?” episode 53 podcast (“Punk Rock Herstory with Blondie”) last night while driving from Seattle to Vancouver, and this morning it got me curious about Blondie’s discography. In particular “For Your Eyes Only,” the James Bond soundtrack, because I’m a James Bond fan. Growing up, MTV or VH1 didn’t yet exist, so I really didn’t saw Blondie’s music video of that song. While I was searching Blondie’s music videos, for some reason “The Realness” official music video was recommended to me by YouTube as a featured video … and here we are.

The music video for RuPaul’s single,”The Realness” featuring Eric Kupper – it’s the eight track of his eight solo album, “Realness” – features the top three contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight: Bob The Drag Queen, Kim Chi, and Naomi Smalls.

The first time I watched the video was during the pre-show finale taping of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eight at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, my jaw dropped. I had goosebumps. After watching, I was gonna give it a standing ovation, but I was too shy with all the people around me so I just clapped hard on my seat. :)

It’s a great concept, very well executed, and all three contestants did a phenomenal job. It’s a huge departure from RuPaul’s recent music videos which seem to only put more emphasis on the song and instant delivery. “The Realness” plays with light (it reminds me a little bit of TRON), fluid motion, black light, and jaw dropping tight shots. It’s simply high grade!

The video is directed by Jayson Whitmore, and produced by World of Wonder. Check it out!


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