To Wong Foo – Redux

ToWongFooI thought it would be funny to have a sequel of, a practically a cult movie, “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar” but starring the characters created by cast members of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Bobs’ Purse (Bob The Drag Queen’s purse) as Vida Boheme, Ornacia (Vivacious’ head piece) as Noxeema Jackson, and Lil’ Pound Cake (Alaska Thunderfuck’s and Lineysha Sparx’s pageant child) as Chi-Chi Rodriquez. LOL I’m laughing at the thought already because Lil’ Pound Cake is such a potty mouth.

It’s going to be live action. And it will work … ever seen The Muppet Movie?

Sherrif Dollard will make an appearance somehow, and this time, he and Vida will hookup. What’s funny is, since Bob’s Purse is a purse, without a face, it will have the same emotion throughout the movie. LOL. It will still work, if you’ve seen Keanu Reeves’ or Kristen Stewart’s movies. Besides, like what Willam Belli said, “I tend to think that emotions are for ugly people.” lol

It’s going to be horribly good, it’ll be straight to VHS and in Italian with British English captions – so it’s not “color” but “colour.” It’s hidden agenda will be to influence the United States to adopt the metric system of measurement.

It’ll have promos on YouTube with reviews voice over by Don Capone …

[ SCENE ] Exterior. The trio pulls in to the motel parking lot. Tight shot on the left headlight as the land  yacht comes to a stop. Scene fades to closeup of Lil’ Pound Cake shuffling fast towards the motel lobby. Voice over, Drifter from Ontatior says, “It’s the movie every sex offender has been waiting for.” 

[ SCENE ] Exterior. Car just got pulled over on the side of the road by Officer Dollard. He points his flash light to the career girls inside the car. The three look towards him nervously. Tight shot of Officer Dollard looking amused. Voice over, “Pure trash!” says the NY Times.

[ SCENE ] Exterior. The trio dancing on the balcony. Voice over, FCC says, “NO.” 


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