Changes Under The Hood!

site-changes-May-2016I’ve been hammering on lots site changes for the past week to implement a lot of ideas that I’ve put on hold for over a year now. Yes, I’m sleep deprived for days, but I am excited of the results. I didn’t feel like pushing out hundreds of photos on Facebook was a sane thing to do. And when the site got attacked early this year, I had to stop and rethink how I do things.

Select albums will include a “Buy Print” option, for example meet and greets albums. I’ve been asked so many times about this, and it took a while to source out a solution where I don’t have to pay monthly subscription so fans can printing their photos. It took a lot of programming, which I did myself, and swearing, but I hope this will make fans happy. This service is offered basically at cost, i.e. a $6 print (before S&H) will give the site about $1 or less, which will pay for the cost to operate the site. I’ll be going through all the meet and greet albums soon and will activate this feature individually. The service provider currently has no mobile version yet of the shopping cart service, so use an iPad or notebook to order prints.

The site’s layout has changed last April, to align with the online magazine direction. I’ve further optimized the site and got rid of bloating to improve user experience. I’ve also implemented a “Share and Event” feature to expedite posting upcoming events.

My photography portfolio is finally complete! I wanted to highlight photography from everything else, but still remain integrated.

There are a couple more things I want to implement, but the ones I’ve mentioned are the heaviest of the list. I’ve intentionally slowed photo releases because I wasn’t pleased with how photos are getting published, it was so time consuming. After this, I’m going to go crazy with the photo edits and release photos en masse – by priority (paid), urgency, and relevance to an upcoming event.

I might put up merchandise on the site to help pay for site operations and photography gig expenses – like gas money, batteries, parking fees, etc. – but these are ideas at the moment.

And as a reminder, when photos I took are not out instantly, like taking a photo with a cellphone, there’s a reason for that. It takes hours to go through thousand of event photos and tweak each accordingly. Portraitures takes time to edit too, because things needs tweaking, but as you all can see, the results are great! And don’t forget, like any other human being, I still need to do other things like eat, sleep, take on other responsibilities, visit a therapist, and earn a living. So please be patient.



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