Hillary Clinton Marks Historic Victory as First Woman to Clinch Major Party Nomination

Hillary ClintonThis is amazing! I’ve tried to stay away from politics because it’s not the most pleasant thing to talk about. Everyone have their own opinion, and it’s often made unpleasant by blind illogical passion.

Secretly, I’ve been rooting for Hillary Clinton since she first tried to ran for The Whitehouse against Barack Obama. Obama won, it was cool. I was over the Republicans driving the USA down the toilet. It’s one reason I moved out, I got sick of Bush and his anti-gay political maneuvers. It was time for the US to handover the helm to a party for the people and middle-class, corporate America had their fill already.

This time around, it’s right for Hillary Clinton to take on The Whitehouse. And continue the good works that President Obama has started and bring back America to true glory. I don’t know who Bernie Sanders is, and I have no idea what his track record is. He just sort of “pop-up” in this election. All the things that the young voters are eating up in his campaign are nothing more than good old election rhetoric. There’s no guarantee that if he becomes President he’ll fix anything. People will say anything to get elected. He visited West Hollywood recently, a world famous gay district in Los Angeles, well that’s nice. But it all came across as pandering. The good thing about Hillary Clinton is that we know who she is, what her track record is, and she has the experience. Most importantly, she has the best asset any President can have … a former two-time elect US President, Bill Clinton, who oversaw the greatest surplus in US modern history, on her side who can give her invaluable advice. Experience is everything. So all this talk about promises during the election, don’t take it to heart. When it comes to doing the actual job, it’s anything but straightforward. And Bernie Sanders’ talk about overhauling the system? Please, we’ve heard this tune before. Revamping the machine will require a major tipping point, a catastrophe-like situation, to happen.

“Hillary Clinton marked the moment as the first woman to win a major party nomination on Tuesday, a day after major news outlets said that she had secured enough delegates to defeat Bernie Sanders in the protracted Democratic primary contest.

Good luck to Hillary Clinton! Future Presidio of the United States!

“Thanks to you, we have reached a milestone, the first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be our party’s nominee,” she said to supporters in Brooklyn, N.Y., about an hour as she was declared the projected winner of the New Jersey primary, one of six states voting in the final big day of the nomination battle.”–Ted Johnson/Variety


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