49 Victims of Homophobia and Hate

Orlando102The Orlando massacre that claimed forty-nine innocent lives, and wounded fifty-three others, when a mentally ill assailant, with a history of aggression and hate for gay people, opened fired at Pulse Nightclub, hits the LGBT community hard. It’s a stark reminder of the LGBT community’s on-going struggle for acceptance and end to homophobia even in this day and age.

Stories of first-hand accounts of the massacre, and of heroism are starting to trickle in from the media, as survivors are getting discharged from hospitals or coming around from recovery. Their stories, and those of the victims, is what the media should focus. The face of this tragedy should be that of the victims and wounded, and not of the assailant or terrorist group. The LGBT community needs to resist this deliberate attempt to exploit the situation to further their interest and draw away the discussion from homophobia, and the obvious, gun control.

It’s a hate crime, purported by a mentally ill person who was able to obtain guns legally, and easily.

Remember the victims, of mostly young adults in their twenties, who lost their life because people can’t accept the fact that others can be different!


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