We Can All Be Different, Just Stay Out!

LGBT-FlagI wonder if some people were dropped on a concrete floor by their mothers when they were babies to say something so obtuse.

A few said the situation at Pulse Nightclub would’ve been different if others were carrying guns. Ok, arm drunk people. Good thinking. These “smart ones” may have mistaken gay clubs for KKK rallies. These people should be given a medal and then pushed off an active volcano.

Blaming religion, terrorist influence or what have you, as the cause of the massacre is irrelevant. You can be a homophobic radical hating mentally ill person, and that’s fine, as long as you don’t hurt others. An unarmed fool is just a fool. The minute you arm these haters and nut jobs, they become potential murderers.

You don’t see gay people arming themselves with assault weapons and go to churches or straight bars and massacre goers because they’re not gay. You won’t see gay people passing laws because we don’t like straight relationships! And these homophobic religious fanatics say gay people is the problem?

It’s totally fine if not everyone “get” gay, gay nightclubs, or gay anything. It’s perfectly fine. And they don’t have to be convinced or understand. It’s a waste of time. Let them be confused. They just have to stay outside and keep to their own world.

Guns weren’t made to cook rice, they’re designed to kill people. You can justify your possession any way you like, it’s still a weapon of death. A mentally ill (or bitch, ego maniac, hater) person shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns. It should be reserved to people in law enforcement, military, or people of certain occupation. Like if you’re a hater, you’re disqualified. You cuss, you’re out. It’s 2016, we should have to deal with any type of class oppression. If you feel unsafe in your neighborhood, move! If you believe the government is going to get you? Move to another country. These two reasons alone are signs of paranoia … you’re mentally ill and need help, not an AK-47. A normal person wouldn’t think something so fucked up like that.

The US’ Second Amendment is an archaic right. It’s 2016, the US is no longer in a Civil War. It was over in 1865. And I’m sorry that you were unfortunately born late, but that’s reality. You could move to Afganistán or Iraq where your mental predisposition and lifestyle choice is a better match.

Ok, I swore. So I won’t be able to buy guns, and I’m fine with that. I use spit… with phlegm.


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