Latrice Royale Proposed To Longtime Beau

bluebay700 PressTimothy Wilcots, best known in the drag entertainment industry as Latrice Royale, star of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 1 and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 and Miss Congeniality, popped the question to beau of three years, Chris Hamblin – who is also Latrice Royal’s Executive Assistant and Talent Representative – after her last performance at R Place’s Pride weekend show in Seattle.

Wilcots and Hamblin got romantically involved back in 2013, when Latrice Royal made her Seattle debut show at R Place. Hamblin traveled with her at that time and work in the same capacity. She was back in Seattle, for the third time, for a three-night performance at R Place for Pride weekend, along with Jujubee, Robbie Turner, and resident and guest drag performers from around town.

bluebay700 PressAfter her last performance, she took her heels off, got a microphone and talked about Hamblin’s unwavering support over the years. Wilcots asked Hamblin to join him on stage. He said that it takes a lot of work to be there for a drag queen, let alone a very busy one … I’m paraphrasing. By that time, some of the audience members, knowing what was coming, where already on their feet and started cheering. He then asked Ladie Chablis, resident drag performer, to bring heart balloons with two small boxes attached – not sure about the delivery, check the video somewhere, everyone was recording it. He opened one box, pulled out a ring, knelt on one knee and proposed. bluebay700 PressHamblin accepted and Latrice Royale sealed it with a kiss and a big smear of red lipstick. Hamblin, in tears, opened the other box and slipped the ring into Wilcots’ ring finger. Champagne was opened and an engagement chocolate cake was presented.

bluebay700 PressA teary-eyed Hamblin was handed a glass of champagne and was ushered to a stool on the aisle in front of the stage. Then Latrice Royale, also teary-eyed, serenaded him with an emotionally charged lip sync performance of the song “Someone Who Believes In You.” By that time, La Saveona Hunt, a resident drag entertainer, was handing out tissues to both Hamblin, Wilcots, and everyone within arms reach.

bluebay700 PressDJ Floyd, the show’s producer, announced that the show was going to skip the curtain call and introduction of go-go performers in lieu of the amazing and intense surprise – and the fact that everyone was crying visibly and inside. Latrice Royale is one of the most beloved cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race in Seattle. And the standing ovation she gets, and the packed room, is a testament to that fact. After the show, the newly engaged couple was swarmed by excited fans and co-cast.

bluebay700 PressShe, and fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race guests, later retreated backstage to freshen up for the fan meet and greet. Mariah Balenciaga, cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3, was there – out of drag – to congratulate the couple and join celebration.

bluebay700 PressCongratulations Latrice Royale and Chris Hamblin!

Check out some more photos of the amazing moment here!

Jujubee’s video recording of the engagement.

PS: I didn’t ask when the wedding’s gonna be, since my back was already hurting due to aging.


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