PM Justin Trudeau Is On A Roll

Justin-TrudeauCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to make a splash in the international arena, making deals left and right. Early this year he made news when he pledged to take on Syrian refugees. He won the hearts of the LGBT community, locally and abroad, by becoming the first Prime Minister to march in a Pride parade, and vowed to look into gender equality rights.

He strike a deal with Mexico, lifting visa requirements to Mexican visitors, and in exchange, Mexico lifted it’s import restrictions on Canadian beef.

He reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to NATO. He meet with Afghanistan Leadership to discuss building a safe and secure Afghanistan. He entered into a partnership with USA and Mexico on climate, cleaned energy, and the environment. And most recently, he entered into a free  trade agreement with Ukraine.

These are outstanding global agreements.  How these agreements will impact Canadians? We shall see. 

What’s next?


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