Shanda Leer and TFD Presents – Studio with Shanda – New Breed Of Drag Entertainment

Studio With Shanda (bluebay700)Vancouver, BC – Early this year, I kept hearing about this drag entertainer in town who calls herself Shanda Leer. Perhaps she’s been around for a while, but she’s definitely new to me. I haven’t seen her perform before nor have I meet her in person, then I heard about her show at XY, “Studio with Shanda.” I got curious … who is she, and what she becomes? (Hulk)

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to watch her show. First impression, her drag personality (not the look, that’s not what I’m talking about) is giving me a lot of Trixie Mattel-isms, and in some angles she’s serving me a young Christina Aguilera. Having seen quite a number of solo drag acts, from RuPaul’s Drag Race queens and others, I was quite curious what this ginger drag queen’s show format will be like.

Studio With Shanda (bluebay700)Her guest for the evening was local drag entertainer, the theatrically trained, Peach Cobblah. Shanda emerged from the drawn curtain, alcoholic beverage in hand, and opened the show with a little bit of monologue, a friendly banter with the audience, and talked about her special guest. With the curtains drawn back, revealing two chairs on stage, she called to Peach Cobblah to join her.

Studio With Shanda (bluebay700)Photos were projected onto the white wall behind them, of which they shared anecdotes and insider stories. It was sort of a casual late-night interview, a getting-to-know your queen kinda thing. After which, Peach Cobblah did a solo performance, it was followed by a skit with Shanda and Peach, then a couple of duet by Shanda and an audience member, and finally a duet performance by host and guest.

Their drag was not over the top, but it was appropriate for the show’s format and numbers.

I’m not quite sure how to categorize the show, whether it’s a variety show or a talk show, but one thing’s for sure, it’s an entertaining show. It takes in-born talent to be funny, and Shanda is indeed funny.

Check photos of the show here.

Studio with Shanda!
Your favourite tipsy aunt is bringing her 70s-style variety show to XY on the first Saturday of every month!

You want sketch comedy? She’s got it. Live interviews with special guests and good ol’ drag numbers? They’re here. Cocktails approved by Shanda herself? We’re letting her think that!

$5 cover | Doors at 8pm | Showtime is 9pm
Your $5 cover gives you free entry in ONYX after the show!

Let’s have a laugh and a polite cocktail before your usual Saturday turn up at ONYX at 10pm!

For the show’s next installment on July 30th, Iona Whipp is special guest.


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