My New Russian Obsession – Dmitry Averyanov, Perfection!

dmitry_AveryanovDmitry Averyanov is the perfect fitness and cover model. I recently came across a photo of the six-foot 24 year-old Russian model in a Tweeter post (18+) by Di Andrea. I was drawn to his look, pose, and the photo framing, lighting, etc. His clean-cut look, boyish face with piercing eyes, a great set of unexaggerated pouty lips, and a perfectly proportioned frame to match … is a fresh take of the male model look from all the “rough around the edges” or the extremely ripped frame craze of late. With a 41″ chest and 33″ waist, zero tattoo, and smooth frame … he’s a clean canvas that is perfect for any campaign.

Of course, I Googled him, of course. His portfolio can be summed up in one word … stunning. He can pose, and serve face. I give props to whoever was his creative director in his photoshoots, including his photographer, for capturing such amazing sets of images. But it’s all in his execution … you really can’t direct a pose, it’s all in the model – although it’s possible to get the desired shot with enough attempts and when you give enough direction.

He’s currently based in Russia. But if he ever relocates in North America, I have no doubt he’s going to make it big. And I wouldn’t mind to have a photo session with him, ^_^ … like, seriously, who wouldn’t?

Check out his promo video. #Perfection

Here are some of his stunning photos on Instagram:

Photographed by: Timur Mironov

Photographed by: Sasha Kosmos

Photographed by: elquest

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Agent:  @esmodelsru (Instagram)



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