Facebook Pages Are A Load Of Doo-Doo, Snapchat Agrees


“Today, Snapchat unpublished its official Facebook Page. While we were unable to secure an on-the-record quote, it seems that the move was simply one spurred by lack of interest. The last time the Page had been updated was August 2013. After failing to update a Page for two years, it’s easy to see why the company lost interest.”—Byan Clark/Insider, The Next Web

Facebook pages are useless. It’s questionable tactics of restricting publishing reach to your existing subscribers if only to nag you into pay to do so is pathetic and greedy. Almost all its’ tools for content publishing are geared towards fleecing publishers.

Is Facebook so desperate to make money these days that it would monetize anything it can think of? It’s not so much about proving services for a fee, but it’s the way they implement it. Something that’s supposed to be a basic functionality — distributing updates to subscribers — shouldn’t be suppressed and offered as a premium service … because it’s not a premium service. Not just this, but Facebook now also sends private messages which are actually advisements, coercing page publishers to buy more of their basic tools. You’ll have more reach publishing from your own site or Twitter, and let Google search do the rest… for free!

When it comes to content distribution on Facebook, my advice is… stay away from it. Don’t pay for basic services, pay for premium. And as it is, Facebook isn’t worth paying a dime.


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