Ovahness by Manila Luzon

Ovahness_Manila-Luzon“Ovahness” is Manila Luzon’s 90th song on iTunes, that is if you count two interlude tracks. RuPaul’s All Stars Season 1 star and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 first runner-up shows no sign of slowing down. Five seasons later, she’s still making waves and busy as ever. She’s still one of the top and most recognizable Queens ever to grace RuPaul’s Drag Race. “Ovahness” is a fun and campy song, it’s very Manila. The accompanying video has its’ moments. There are plenty of heavy partying in it, it’s hilarious. Though, when the video cuts to the glam sequences, I’m in awe. Glamorous as ever!

It’s a great and fun song, but for me, I’m still waiting for the “Hot Couture” sequel. I’m not worried, there’s plenty of time. This would be her “Rogue One” before “Episode Eight.”

Check it out!

“Ovahness” by Manila Luzon
Now available on iTunes.



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