Bai Bua Thai Cuisine — Sensibly Delightful

bai-bua-thai_2Hastings Sunrise, a neighborhood about ten minutes drive East from downtown Vancouver, is a fairly affordable, safe, and quiet place to live. It has the convenience of city living and the comforts of rural dwelling. Having lived in the area for eight years now, I’ve seen businesses come and go. But these days new businesses are setting up shop along Hastings street from Clark drive and eastward. The busiest area is at the intersection of Nanaimo and Hastings streets. Heavy foot traffic is courtesy of the growing number of residents, patrons from PNE or race track, and crews from the occasional filmmaking business — yes they have catering but I’m sure their crew has explored the area, like I’ve ran into Alessandro Juliani, Battlestar Galactica’s Lt. Felix Gaeta, once outside TD Bank and we shook hands.


One of the new establishments in the area is a Thai restaurant called, Bai Bau Thai Cuisine. It’s a completely family-run business. If I can remember correctly, the spot the restaurant occupies used to be a speciality butcher’s place, that or a small shop. After noticing the restaurant again a couple of weeks ago while running errands, I thought I should try it at some point, and today I did.

The restaurant has a nice character and ambiance. It’s spacious, clean, and well ventilated. The floor isn’t dangerously slippery like that other restaurant near Nanaimo. The decor is Thai meets West with modern touches. There are about fifteen tables that can accommodate small and big groups. I have to emphasize that they paid no expense on the dining furniture. It’s sturdy and feels solid, not the flimsy wobbly kind like the one from their neighbor (not going to name the restaurant). I feel like I’m throwing shade here a little bit, but that’s the truth.

As I perused their menu, I noticed it’s a little bit worn. So I asked the server, Ben, if they’ve been in the business long and if there are other Bai Bua Thai Cuisine locations. New restaurants usually have newly laminated menus. I was told that it’s their only restaurant and that they’ve been in business for just a little over a month shy of one year. They opened shop October 22, 2015. He mentioned that their chef, his brother in-law, has been in the culinary business for ten years. So that explains it.

I ordered their lunch special L3, garlic pork and fried egg, and includes a side of a small cup of steamed rice. The special also includes a small plate of rice puffs and three slices of watermelon. They can accommodate small requests, I made two. Although the $10 price tag is so-so, the meal was delicious. The garlic pork was a little bit salty for my taste but everything was great. The serving size was generous and filling.

For very good service (accommodating, prompt and cordial), good menu, warm dining atmosphere, and sensibly priced entrées, this place is definitely worth checking and coming back to.

Check them out here.


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