SPOILER ALERT : RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 Ep4 – WTF Moment


About ten years ago the cat I adopted sneaked out one time and got pregnant. It gave birth to three litters. After weaning them from their mother, I got them adopted. All except one. I like pets, but I never humanize them too much, because I think it’s weird. The unfortunate one stayed with me for almost eight years. We had our moments, but for the most part it was fun. Such a smart cat he was. Yes, it died two years ago from a stomach ailment that made it so sick it had to be put down. I thought I got it under control  because it’s just an animal. To my surprise, after our  last trip to the vet, I had this heavy feeling in my chest. I was confused. As I was driving home, tears uncontrollably started trickling down my cheeks. I wanted it to stop. “It was just a cat,”  I said to myself. But there I was, breaking down while driving in the heavy rain … how dramatic. I got over it, after a few months… ok, a year. I guess you never know when you get attached to something. Even if I was “motherly” to it, I still gave that tough exterior… trying to train him to be independent. He was a smart kitty. RIP. After that ordeal, I said to myself, “I’m not going to put myself through that devastating emotion again.” It’s an avoidable fact of life… don’t adopt. Until tonight…


So, you might be wondering, “WTF is this cat sh*t? This isn’t about All Stars 2!” Well, boohoo… I’m pissed. Because the one I predicted to win left tonight. Objectivity is out the window tonight, bias is front and center. Turn on the spotlight! Direct it to the B-I-A-S!

Main Challenge

Tonight was an acting challenge and a fashion reveal for runway look — a tribute to Violet Chacki — (pause) do I really hate to do this? (sighs) Tonight was also a night of celebrity cameos. Big Freedia and Victoria “Pork Chop” Parker made an appearance in the acting challenge.Todrick Hall and Michelle Visage served as Directors for the main acting challenge. Later they both joined Nicole Scherzinger, Carson Kressley, and RuPaul in the judges panel.

The six remaining contestants were asked to pair up for the acting challenge. Alyssa Edwards picked Alaska Thunderfuck, Phi Phi O’hara and Roxxxy Andrews, and Katya Zamolodchikova and Detox Icunt. Phi Phi O’hara did great in her challenge, she’s all I thought was good. The rest was just okay for me, maybe because I’m more familiar with their material, the movie “Showgirls”!

Pit Crews, Jason Carter and Bryce Eilenberg, played a part in the acting challenge. Jason had lines. :) Cute.

Runway Reveal

The runway reveal was so-so. I only like Phi Phi O’hara’s before and after reveal looks. The rest barely had two looks. It was more like they wore something over to cover what was going to be revealed, not two unique looks. Alaska Thunderfuck came out as Lil’Pound Cake. It was spot on and hilarious. Nobody slayed Violet Chachki tonight though.

Tops And Bottoms

Alaska Thunderfuck and Phi Phi O’hara were the top two. While Alyssa Edwards, Katya Zamolodchikova, and Roxxxy Andrews fell in the bottom three. Detox Icunt was safe.

At this point my gut was getting queasy since Alyssa Edwards really didn’t turn it out in the challenge and main runway look. Phi Phi O’hara wasn’t pleased with Alyssa Edwards’ decision to keep Katya, and Alaska… I had a feeling she finds Alyssa a tough competitor. So in my mind, both contestants will have more to gain by chopping letting Alyssa go while they have the opportunity. Me, well… I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a miracle.


And so Alyssa Edwards left. Huge disappointment. The first few minutes brought me back to that time when my cat died. See how this all ties up now? “It’s only a show,” so I keep telling myself. Until my #1 horse bet sashays away. All a sudden there’s this overwhelming sadness engulfing me. I said to myself, “pull yourself together woman and wipe off those unsolicited tears on your right eye.”

Still in disbelief, then Phi Phi O’hara won’t stop running her mouth in the Werk Room after the elimination. It felt like rubbing salt on a wound. I said,” Bitch, you got what you wanted. Shut up.” But then I realizing it was just me being mad at the outcome. I realize it was a fair choice by Alaska Thunderfuck, who cried on stage after revealing who she picked to go home. I agree, Alyssa Edwards failed. And after her elimination surprise in the last episode, she really has weakened any chance of making any strong case to stay. On top of that, Michelle Visage called her out, well, not directly, about getting free passes. Others where worse in the past though, so I didn’t see the point with her making that statement.

As if it wasn’t tense enough, all the eliminated contestants where shown behind the makeup station mirror. They were all staring at the contestants in the Werk Room, and they all looked pissed. Could it be the “revenge” twist? Sadly, not just yet.

It’s Only A Show, So Stop Crying!

So basically I’ve gone through the five stages of grief tonight. Regardless of what Phi Phi O’hara did, it wouldn’t change the situation, Alyssa Edwards didn’t do well. Wow, that way some good editing.

Now excuse me, I need to dry my eyes and freshen up. I’ve got a guest coming shortly. (shrugs)



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