Phi Phi O’Hara’s Drag Race All Stars Counterpoint

phiphi-ohara_allstars2Phi Phi O’Hara did an interview with Vulture’s E. Alex Jung, she talked about her music and her experience on RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2. It’s quite a revelation ..

“It’s like watching a completely different show. Because it’s nothing like what happened on set. So it’s been an honest letdown because never once have I ever said I never said what I said. Wow that’s long. I’ve always said what I said, but people truly don’t understand how context comes into play, and they’ll cut off something and add it to another thing and then make this whole different story. It’s really upsetting because I put so much faith in this show [that] it was going to keep it’s word on this redemption for Phi Phi, and they’ve just made me look like another backstabbing manipulative monster. So it’s hard every Thursday to watch this show and then to get all this hate from so many people that don’t even know me, and I wish the show would speak up about it and say something. I wish Ru would step up to the plate and say something and they don’t. I don’t know what they’re afraid of or why they won’t do it but it’s sad. It let me know how ugly the industry can be, and it let me know who actually has my back.”–Phi Phi O’Hara

As a viewer, and a big fan of the show and most of the contestants, it’s quite challenging to separate fiction from reality – fiction, in that it’s just a show, and whatever happens in the show is purely to create tension and drama to make it interesting to watch, and reality, in that whatever happened on the show has no bearing or any say whatsoever to the cast in real life … because all of it is are manufacture, fake – when you have cast members, like Phi Phi O’Hara who does this kind of thing with the press outside the show. There’s nothing to defend because All Stars 2 is not real. But her actions in social media, her tirade on Twitter blurs the distinction. And frankly, it’s more damaging to her brand than … redeeming it. She does come across as bitter. Shangela was edited as a villain in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3, but she’s doing well and loved by many fans outside the show. She didn’t attack the show, the producers and RuPaul. Only two other cast members did this sort of thing in the past, Carmen Carrera, over the “she-male-gate”, and Willam.

Do they not know what they’re signing up for? I feel like had Phi Phi O’Hara played with the show’s storyline for her and leave it at that, and not go on social media and the press and do what she did, I think what happened on the show would simply be considered fiction. Or perhaps, she’s doing this for publicity, and she’s just part of that extended storyline. Regardless if it makes her look good or bad … people are talking. Like they say, “good publicity or bad publicity is still publicity.” So one can’t really tell what’s the real deal.

But it’s statements like the one below that makes her sound hypocritical. Accusing Alyssa Edwards of “stealing” another cast’s line, when she’s simply just quoting, and then went on to “steal” lines herself. “I feel attacked” is Laganja Estranja’s line. And remember in “Revenge of the Queens” when all nine of them walked into the Werk Room and Tatianna said, “I’m HERE!” Which sounds like a reference to Jasmine Masters. Is she going to call her out on that too?

“Way to go. girl [Alyssa Edwards quoting Willam’s famous line, your tone seems pointed right now.”], stealing someone else’s line. It pissed me off because the producers are just laughing, they’re eating it up, and I feel like this is like, Let’s pick on Phi Phi, and let’s just get this on-camera. I sound like LaGanja, but I felt attacked, and I felt like this wasn’t fair.”

It’s stuff like this that brings into question her “integrity” in real life. Whether she’s just playing the viewers and fans or she’s really dead serious, we’ll never know. But this I can say, if she’s really adamant at redeeming her image, and stop some fans from further hating her and sending her death threats, it would be prudent for her to stop showing so much bitterness, ungratefulness, anger, and hate in real life, and instead just play along.

It’s a show it’s not real life … so why bother bitching at producers, RuPaul, and the show for not doing what she wanted to do? She could pay for her own TV show and then she can do what she wants. Whether she likes it or not, in my opinion, “Revenge of the Queens” is one of the best episodes of any All Stars season yet, and has one of the best show re-entry (Alyssa Edwards and Tatianna), the best lip sync, and the most memorable exit (beating Willam Belli’s disqualification) of any Drag Race season and episode. And it would never be possible without her villainous character, she played a major role! I don’t think any other cast member can pull it off.

The show put her on the map, we can debate about details. Perhaps what she needs is a good PR to manage her villain television character better, so it’s revered for being a strong game changer on TV instead of being hated. As it stands, she is fueling the fire.

So to quote Tatianna, “Well what are you trying to do there gurl?”



Perhaps Phi Phi O’Hara should make time to listen to RuPaul What’s The Tee? With Michelle Visage podcast, because it will answer a lot of her misconceptions. Like RuPaul’s dynamic with the contestants on the set, why Ru can’t remember all the contestants names off the bat, and how RuPaul interacts socially. To make it easier for some, RuPaul has a legitimate memory struggle that is natural (I can’t recall all 100 contestants off the bat. I even forgot Jaidynn Dior Fierce’s name even though I vividly remember her face, let along recalling a specific incident on set? Unless it’s huge, like Willam vomiting, it won’t be easy to remember. Last time I recall, RuPaul don’t have a photographic memory, so Phi Phi calling out RuPaul just comes across as petty), the judges are not allowed to fraternize with the cast on set to keep the critiques fair, and lastly, RuPaul don’t like to be around big crowds – he says this all the time in the podcast, he’s mostly acting to look accommodating. Lastly, producers screaming and cussing at cast members, it’s a show full of mind games … and I for one second don’t believe that the show would spend so much money to do what Phi Phi O’Hara wants for her image. So for her to expect that is kind of naive.

Read the full interview with E. Alex Jung/Vulture.



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