SPOILER ALERT : RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 Episode 6 – Huh, Okay.


After last week’s mega hit episode, “Revenge of the Queens”, that scored Logo TV its’ highest viewership yet of 380,000, this week all seem subdued. But in all fairness, the previous episode’s hype and outcome is hard to follow … I think a contestant have to give birth on stage to top it. For the sixth episode of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race, entitled “Drag Fish Tank”, the Queens where challenged to come up with a product and create a commercial for it. The winner of the main challenge will have their product included in next year’s DragCon merch. And for the main runway look, the theme is … pants.

I’m not sure about this episode, the mini-challenge, featuring Andrew Christian models in a NSFW golf, is more exciting than the lip sync. Tatianna’s product is a T set, Detox Icunt’s is a trash talking trash receptacle, Katya Zamolodchikova is a crisis control spray, Alaska Thunderfuck’s is a duct tape, and Alyssa Edwards’ an engergy drink, and Roxxxy Andrews a wig glue.

Marcus Lemonis Won

The best part about this episode was the Werk Room walk through, where RuPaul was accompanied by serial entrepreneur and TV personality, Marcus Lemonis. I’m not very familiar with Lemonis, though his face to me for some reason is, and I’ve only learned much about him this week after all the Googling, but I was very impressed at his conversations with the contestants. Particularly how he shifted the product focus to the product marketing instead of the product itself – deception. It reminded me of self-help eBooks that sells things that may be of value, but the selling point is the marketing not the product. It’s something we see often in infomercials. The way he explained it and his assessments of the other contestants’ idea got my attention … but I digress.

I Smell A Stunt

If the challenge was really after a product worth marketing I don’t think they’d favor something as questionable as a crisis control hairspray. If they where just after the commercial, then it’s fine, but that would totally miss the mark on the purpose of the challenge to begin with. So really, is it about a product or a commercial? If I have to rank the ideas from good to meh, it would be: Energy drink, duct tape, wig glue, T set, trash receptacle, and crisis control spray. The bottom two should have been Detox and Katya. Even if I take into consideration Lemonis’ awesome product spin and the each Queen’s brand strength, I still don’t see how Katya’s or Detox’s would be of any value. Seriously? They’re going to sell a crisis control spray at Drag Con and expect attendees to pay real money for it? Huh. For the runway look, my least favorite were Katya, Detox, and Alaska. I think the top two should’ve been Alyssa Edwards and either Alaska Thunderfuck or Tatianna.

I like her, and I can’t get enough of her Periscope and antics in real life, but Katya Zamolodchikova should’ve left this episode. What’s her storyline at this point? I don’t understand. Top five should be very intense Queens in both personality and drag persona … and I don’t believe she is at the same level as the other Queens. Her confessionals are very funny though, but the contest isn’t about that … unless you’re Bianca Del Rio. Wow, this sounds harsh. LOL. Make no mistake, I’m a huge ass fan of Katya.


Only One Will Win

I’m curious to see how will the storyline of the remaining Queens will turn out, because there was no drama tonight. I’m disappointed to see Tatianna go, simply because she did so much better than my picks for bottom three. But I’m glad Alyssa Edwards is safe. Only one will win, the rest will just be collateral damage. And it seems Alaska Thunderfuck is the only one who has consistently performed well this season. Alyssa or Alaska … is fine with me.

One Last Thing

I agree with Tatianna’s opinion about Phi Phi O’Hara’s reason for not giving Alyssa Edwards a hug. To add, so hugging the other Queens at the back of the stage didn’t made her cry … because … she’s so much more closer to Alyssa Edwards than the rest, is that it? Oh, okay. (sarcastic) Great episode though … last week, not this one.


2 thoughts on “SPOILER ALERT : RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 Episode 6 – Huh, Okay.

  1. October 2016 at 11:26 am

    Am I going to have to come to Canada & smack you? lol And to answer your question about who would buy Katya’s product…. me. I have already started saving money now so I can buy it all. that was 666% her brand! But I get that a lot of people don’t totally get Katya… she is absolutely on a level of drag different from all others and would not say it was lower… actually her drag is on a completely different existential plane level. But I get her… we’re cut from the same cloth. Though I know she doesn’t stand a chance of winning AllStars 2. Clearly Alaska is going to win–need to place a bet in Vegas on that.

    I dont understand why Roxy is still there. :/ 2 cents. ;)

    1. bluebay700
      October 2016 at 4:12 pm

      LOL wow, you’re here. :) It’s not a question about her drag. It’s about the main challenge, the instruction & purpose… I’m sure you’ll by all her merch. That’s to be expected from die hard fans. I still believe the others did better than her… it’s all a plot. And today we know why. Lastly, I triple dare you to carry out your assertions – Canada & DragCon… I’ll be taking notes if and whether you follow through. Gurl, it’s on. LOL

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