RuPaul’s All Stars Season 2 Finale

All Stars 2

The time has come to crown a new All Stars Queen, ending Chad Michaels’ four year reign. Tomorrow night RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 will pick a winner from the “top four”: Alaska Thunderfuck, Detox Icunt, Roxxxy Andrews, and Katya Zamolodchikova.

Amazing Season, Let’s Do This Again

It’s been a roller coaster ride, with major upsets and major wins. This season has so many highlights: Coco Montrese leaving first, Adore Delano quitting the competition, Phi PHi O’Hara’s “three-way call” moment, Ginger Minj saying she’d eliminate herself over Katya, RoLaskaTox’s apparent elimination of other contestants in favor of clique members, Alyssa and Tatianna’s revenge – double lip sync win – and Phi Phi O’Hara’s dramatic exit, and Alyssa’s elimination over Roxxxy Andrews. This season also showcased some jaw dropping fashion, specifically, Detox Icunt’s runway looks.

So who’s going to win? At the onset, I favored Alyssa Andrews the most to win. That is, judging from the star power, reputation, and personal experience – after having meet and watched the Queens perform live … all of them. I’m sure other fans have their own opinions, and that’s fine. At the end of the day, all of these are just that … opinions. Drag Race is just a show, it’s not a documentary, so don’t take it personally. It maybe called “reality television” but it’s not random life unfolding captured on tape, it’s produced.

Tangent Time: I reject arguments by some people claiming to be insiders, acting like they’re part of an elite, the only ones in authority who can say anything so they think only their opinion matters, sarcastically telling fans to be “drag experts” just from watching the show – assuming that’s the only thing fans do. Drag preference is a matter of personal taste. And just like one don’t have to be a mechanic to tell whether a car is good or bad, or the need to be an athlete to become a sports expert, one doesn’t have to do drag to be able to form an opinion about it, good or bad. So if an artist is trying to do glam and it’s all messy, it’s messy. Or when an artist is trying lip sync and doesn’t know the words, it’s off. Bad is bad, good is good. Frankly, it’s an old tiresome hoity-toity behavior that needs to stop. If you don’t like a fan’s opinion then take appropriate action, block them, report them, stop reading, ignore, … end of story. To borrow Phi Phi O’Hara’s words … stop playing the victim, … but I digress.


Drag Race got All Stars 2 right, in many aspects. This season has been a great improvement from the “mess” created by the first season – the tandem, remember? It produced one of the best lip sync to-date of any Drag Race season, “Revenge of the Queens” with Alyssa Edwards and Tatianna, and one of the most memorable elimination and exit …. at Phi Phi O’Hara’s expense. It’s Logo TV’s highest viewership of All Stars, and Drag Race for that matter, with 386,000 views. Queens eliminating each other is a great idea. And it’s safe to say we can expect this format to return next season. So whatever the storyline each Queens got stuck with, they should be proud to be part of a record breaking season, and not point fingers because they didn’t get what they wanted. Capitalize on it!

Historical Fact

Before I pick a winner, let me present this chart. I looked back at all the Drag Race seasons and tallied the placements of the top three (or four) for each episode excluding the final episode. I then calculated a weighted sum, by assigning weight for each place; with 0.2 for Bottom, 0.4 for Low, 0.6 for Safe, 0.8 for High, and 1.0 for Win, and multiplying the weight to each tallied score. I came up with the chart below. With the exception of seasons 1, 3 and 8, the ranking vs winner is spot on – 66.67% accurate. The RuPaul factor will throw off any math, since at the end of the day, regardless of fans preference or quantifiable criteria, it is he (and co.) who decides the who will take the crown, and his decision can be based on anything.

So indeed, Nina Flowers and Manila Luzon should’ve won the title in their respective seasons. I actually rooted for both to win. Since season 4, the trend seems to be consistent, whoever is performing the best throughout the season won the tittle.


So with that, here’s the chart for All Stars 2.


Roxxxy Andrews’ score is 2.60, so the likelihood of her winning is negligible. Katya is competing for second place, not first. Alaska and Detox are neck and neck. So the fans are crying for Katya to win, but I believe that’s driven by emotions and obsession not logic. Sure, like with many fans, I’m not happy with RoLaskaTox’s elimination record, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Alaska Thunderfuck has been outperforming the rest of the contestants this season.


Of course, all this math and justification will not matter if we throw in the RuPaul factor. Who knows, he could pick Alyssa Edwards, and that’s that. And with that, the finale outcome is possibly this …


Now … onto RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9! Let’s go!


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