Ginger Minj’s “Sweet T” Debut Album Is OUT!


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 runner-up and RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 star and accomplished singer, Ginger Minj, just released her debut album, “Sweet T” on iTunes.

She announced the release on social media a while ago:

My album, “Sweet T”, is now available … OFFICIALLY!!! Two years of hard work from an incredible team has produced something I am beyond proud of and grateful for! Give it a listen and spread the word if ya’ can. This is for all of you who have stood by and supported me through the years. It’s more than music … This is my soul! XoXoX — Ginger Minj/Social Media

The pop and rock album has sixteen tracks, including a bonus track “Dream a Little Dream”, has some cool collaborations, like Margaret Cho, Jean Morrison, and Carnie Wilson of the 90s hit pop group Wilson Phillips. The album is released under Producer Entertainment Group.

1 You Think You’re a Man
2 ExplicitRide or Die (feat. Margaret Cho)
3 My Man (feat. Jean Morisson)
4 Bad, Bad Boy
5 I’ve Gotta Be Alone
6 Ooh Lala Lala
7 Losing My Religion
8 Never Shoulda
9 Dream a Little Dream
10 God Only Knows (feat. Carnie Wilson)
11 The Game
12 Father’s Song
13 Here Comes the Rain Again
14 Leave It All Behind
15 Save Me
16 Dream a Little Dream (Bonus Track)

Now available on iTunes.

Condragulations Ginger Minj!


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