RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 Reunited – Total BS Tally


RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 is over, officially. RuPaul and the cast got together one last time to reflect and talk about the show. All in their fabulous drag, Coco Montrese, Adore Delano, Alyssa Edwards, Ginger Minj, Tatianna, Roxxxy Andrews, Katya Zamolodchikova, Detox Icunt, and Alaska Thunderfuck, winner of All Stars 2, returned for the taping. Phi Phi O’Hara, decided not to participate. And he made that announcement through his Twitter account.


Everyone look great tonight. RuPaul was out of drag but still rocking it. Alyssa Edwards was definitely owning “BEAST”, wearing a beast-themed headdress, Coco Montrese donned an orange dress, Adore Delano looked fabulous in full glam drag (thank you!), Ginger Minj looked very regal, Alaska Thunderfuck was infested by roaches, lol, Detox Icunt stood out in a pastel skirt, blouse and jacket outfit, Katya seemed “trying” in her scarred face makeup prosthetic … like she survived a cooking fire accident – Why didn’t she did it all the way? Why not do the whole costume and hair? The face to me didn’t match with the rest of her look or was she just going for DC’s Two-Face? All that face makeup didn’t work for me. Tatianna was wearing a sexy purple dress :D … and lastly, Roxxxy Andrews. I don’t know why she picked that dress for the reunion. It looked like a burlap sack fashioned into a gown. It was puffy and with her sitting down, it was just blah. And … her right upper eye-lash looked like it was about to come off. I’m not nitpicking, it was distracting to look at. When she looked down or blink, it was very noticeable. It was hard to ignore. Nobody really stood out for me. I guess Adore Delano deserves the top award, because her look is a huge leap from episode 1.

Therapy Session

At the beginning of the episode, RuPaul held up a fan with a big poop and eyes emoji, and said they’re going to raise it and call out “bullshit” if a cast’s statement is one. RuPaul reminded everyone that “redemption” is earned not given. Agreed!

The reunion episode has a very reconciliatory tone to it … with some funny and emotional moments. Coco Montrese opening up about her health troubles before the taping of All Stars and not confiding to the other casts to avoid special treatment showed a lot of class on her part. Adore Delano feeling embarrassed about quitting actually made me respect her more. Owning up to one’s missteps is more admirable than sticking to one’s guns even if you’re not right. It showed a lot of humility, and that deserves respect. RuPaul asked Adore if she would be interested in coming back for All Stars 3. She became animated and said, “Party on!” I think that means “yes.” I wouldn’t mind seeing her in All Stars 3, and I don’t think that is unfair to the other Drag Race Queens who haven’t been on All Stars. There’s a precedent to this in the Drag Race world – Shangela in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. And I believe her quiting was her storyline.

Baby, nothing was notarized. No contact was signed. My attorney was not present. That was hogwash.” – Alyssa Edwards

When Alyssa Edwards was asked whether she agreed to “the pack” – elimination based on the judges’ critiques – she replied, “Baby, nothing was notarized. No contact was signed. My attorney was not present. That was hogwash.” Hilarious! She’s a living and breathing memorable quotes machine. Other than being funny, she’s very upfront and professional, she don’t take things personally, doesn’t hold a grudge, and a very good sport. In response to her drag aesthetics, she said, “Coco Chanel says, ‘Take off two,’ Alyssa Edwards says, ‘Add twenty-two.'” LOL. Ginger Minj and Katya expressed their struggle on getting their head back in the game, after just having been on Drag Race last year (Season 7).

Tatianna think Phi Phi O’Hara’s explanation – she said she didn’t hug Alyssa because she didn’t want to cry – for the “hug that never happened” was untrue, because she hugged her and the other Queens and she didn’t cry. lol. Katya tried to defend Phi Phi O’Hara’s actions and said, it was “an authentic moment.” Gurl, don’t even go there. There’s also a thing called “tact” … and “professionalism.” What she did was neither of those. The inability to control one’s emotions in a situation like that shows a character that needs more growth. But then again, perhaps it was part of her storyline? But then, also, she goes on Twitter and post crap about the show and RuPaul – and then Willam chimes in. Alaska was unapologetic about sending Alyssa Edwards’ home the first time, and she said she’d send her home again that instant if anyone had a lip stick with Alyssa’s name on it. lol. She said Alyssa’s performance in the acting challenge was the worst of the bunch, and that they barely had anything for their video. Alyssa just laughed in response. Detox slayed this season’s runway look, and she somewhat came for Alyssa in this episode, but … I’m glad she acknowledged that she made a mistake in choosing Alyssa to get the chop over Roxxxy Andrews. And speaking off, wonky eyelash and unflattering dress aside, Roxxxy Andrews admitting that she didn’t deserve to be in the top four, having been in the bottom so many times, is my takeaway for this episode. For that alone, she has redeemed herself.

Adore Delano and Roxxxy Andrews slayed this episode through humility. Respect!


I don’t know what’s going on with Katya’s stance and logic in this episode at all about “the issues.” However, she’s crazy (in a good way) so I can overlook that. And as for Phi Phi O’Hara, well … she has dug her hole, she can stay there. This goes for any Queens … if you want to “fight” the establishment that helped launch your career, that’s your choice. But it doesn’t make good business sense to go after RuPaul… whether you’re done doing all her namesake shows or not. There are a hundred Queens out there …. and thirteen more on the way … there’s plenty for fans to choose from. So you know, “I hate the Drag Race machine” doesn’t make for a good campaign slogan.

RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 Reunited – Total BS Tally: 1 (Katya’s “authentic moment” defense).



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