“For The Love Of Spock”

For The Love Of Spock” (2016), a documentary about Leonard Nimoy and his portrayal of one of the most iconic Star Trek character, Spock, described from the perspective of his son, and film Director, Adam Nimoy.

It’s a very informative documentary. I personally appreciate all the back stories of the Spock, including how Nimoy got the role, the character’s evolution, and what became of Nimoy after “Star Trek” ended.

What I wish the documentary would’ve done was to focus mainly on Leonard Nimoy and for Adam Nimoy to only take part in the interviews to provide testaments, not to interview or narrate. The issue with him interviewing and narrating is, he became a distraction, it came across like he’s competing for the spotlight. Maybe his intent was really to tell the story of Spock from a son’s perspective — hence “For The Love Of Spock”. There is too much of his personal life, and Leonard Nimoy’s family life in it. The tangents are better suited for another documentary, perhaps an autobiography of Leonard Nimoy, where “Spock” isn’t the main topic — that maybe hard to imagine for some, but Star Trek was not the only thing Nimoy did in his whole acting career. And to have someone so closely related to the subject interview guests — I’m not going to say, “elicit a bias narrative,” because they’re genuinely close to Nimoy — it does seem a little incomplete.

But nevertheless, it’s a must watch documentary. I’m quite surprised about some aspects of Spock that are entirely Nimoy’s creation — no spoilers. He made the character his own. I am also impressed of his track record in Hollywood beyond Star Trek. There’s only one other actor who worked the way he did, and even more, Christopher Lee. 


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