Ivy Winters’ “Elfy Winters Night” ROCKS!

Ivy Winters, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 Miss Congeniality, released the official music video of her single “Elfy Winters Night,” track twenty-eight of the multi-artist album “Christmas Queens 2.”


It’s not just your typical drag music video, it’s a claymation mixed with live action, and it’s all her … all her creation! The video introduces the cabaret trio Holly, Mistletoe, and the lead Ivy.  They’re like the Destiny’s Child of drag. It’s a fine work of art and very well made… it’s flawless. The claymation characters and set design and execution are perfect… even the reindeer taking a leak is great. As the song progresses it switches between claymation and live action, where Ivy Winters play the other two characters. One can also appreciate the level of detail and work she put into it. It’s so much fun to watch.


The song is catchy, well written, and lighthearted. She can sing, that’s for sure. I can picture her performing all three characters in a drag musical tour. Way to go Ivy Winters!

Check out the music video below!

The album “Christmas Queens 2″ is now available on iTunes for US$9.99, it’s a good bargain. The Christmas Queens 2 world tour is currently under way, for tickets go here UK, USA and Canada. The album and tour are a production of Producer Entertainment Group.


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