RuPaul’s New Album “Remember Me: Essential, Vol. 1″ … Rocks!


RuPaul, “Remember Me: Essential, Vol. 1″

01 Rock It (To the Moon) [feat. KUMMERSPECK]
02 Just a Lil In & Out (feat. Ellis Miah)
03 Remember Me / Back to My Roots Medley (feat. Skeltal Ki)
04 Supermodel (feat. Skeltal Ki)
05 A Shade Shady (Now Prance) [feat. Vjuan Allure]
06 Free 2 Be (feat. Skeltal Ki & Chris Willis)
07 Call Me Starrbooty (feat. YLXR)
08 A Little Bit of Love (feat. KUMMERSPECK)
09 Snapshot (feat. Macutchi)
10 Do the Right Thing (feat. YLXR)
11 House of Love (feat. Matt Pop & Ellis Miah)
12 Mighty Love (feat. Matt Pop)

Released: February 2, 2017 iTunes


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