CodePlex Is Shutting Down


The rapid evolution of technology is not without its casualties. I’ve seen this happen over and over since I started dabbling in Information Technology decades ago. The only difference between now and then is that, things happen faster now, because of better tools and tougher competition. We’ve seen giant tech companies die that many of us in the industry thought would last “forever.” Casualties of innovation is not confined to the big players, the behind the scenes players too.

Any software developer out there, at one point or another, has came across CodePlex – an invaluable online resource for open source software solutions. The site, launched in 2006, has no doubt helped countless people tackle programming hurdles, smoothen the sometimes steep learning curve, or provided relief to consumers who are in need of utilities to fix devices and systems where their manufacturers fall short. It’s bowing out to a new big player in the field, GitHub. It’s almost like MySpace getting knocked out by Facebook. But unlike the later, CodePlex is providing a seamless transition to its’ users, by partnering with GitHub to migrate code and documentation. They also intend to keep the site running for an indefinite amount of time to serve as read-only archive … until such time they decide to completely close it.

Read the full blog about the move below.

Almost 11 years after we created CodePlex, it’s time to say goodbye. We launched CodePlex in 2006 because we, like others in the industry, saw a need for a great place to share software. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of amazing options come and go but at this point, GitHub is the de facto place for open source sharing and most open source projects have migrated there.

Brian Harry MS/CodePlex

CodePlex is scheduled to “shutdown” and switch to archive mode December 15, 2017.


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