RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 – That Cracked Rib And No Lip Sync

Charlie Hides’ lip sync last week was like a tribute to the Tammie Brown’s non-lip sync performance against Akashia in season one, one that made Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams cry. Penny Tration, from season five, also refused to lip sync. I’m glad she’s keeping the tradition alive (sarcastic).

Charlie seemed resigned from making it far in the competition, maybe it’s the editing or the storyline chosen for her?  Talking about storyline, we can’t accuse the show of ageism after Chad Michaels’ and Bianca Dell Rio’s victories. But in any case, it is such a waste because I bet there are many queens out there who would die, figuratively, to win the title. Perhaps “just making it in the show” shouldn’t be used anymore to comfort those who get eliminated, perhaps it shouldn’t be enough, because that mindset breeds complacency. It dampens one’s drive and enthusiasm. Winning the title should mean something more again. It should be the ultimate goal… and not just to make it in the cast to raise booking fees. Regardless of storyline, enthusiasm makes a big difference in delivery. And aiming for the top prize, like all or nothing, will no doubt help propel one’s drive.

Charlie is one of my favorite picks after the cast reveal, mainly because her promo drag reminded me of Manila Luzon. I wish I could see more of her drag in the show. Her lip sync performance could’ve been better, but it is what it is. I’m glad to have read the interview she did for  She shed some light on the rib injury and her side of the story about about the lip sync.


“To tell you the truth, no I don’t lip sync. I only sing live. Most of the songs that were potential songs, I knew, like ‘Holding Out for a Hero,’ The B-52s ‘Love Shack.’ I bought that on vinyl, so I knew every single word inside and out. Unfortunately, I’d never heard the Britney song and I had a cracked rib. I couldn’t move. I knew I was going home. I’d only heard the song twice. It was never played here in England. It was never on the radio. I just didn’t know it.”— Charlie Hides, Interview by Joey Guerra for

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