RuPaul’s DragCon 2017 Preview Night Was A Hoot!

DragCon2017-Preview-102RuPaul’s Drag Race fans from all over converged at the LA Convention Centre yesterday to claim their badge, and to chance upon their favorite queens. It was a steady stream of attendees, talents, exhibitors, and drag queens. Randy Barbato, the guy behind Drag Race, surveyed the convention hall. RuPaul, out of drag, checked out some of the exhibitor’s booths earlier as well.

DragCon2017-Preview-189The convention hall is about the same size as last year, but more organized and spacious. There’s even a wide pink aisle called “Glamazing Blvd,” leading up to RuPaul’s big opening, that parts the convention hall in half. Like the sea that Moses parted, only in this case, it’s RuPaul. Michelle Visage, Aja, and Sasha Velour had the longest line of fans queuing for meet and greet.

DragCon2017-Preview-169VIP badge holders where snatching merch and selfies last night, indeed. The exhibitors this year, particularly the Drag Race Queens, paid no expense at construction of the best booth they could create to their fans’ benefit. Some of the booths are more elaborate. Kim Ch’s booth had a gigantic waist-high paper flowers, Bob The Drag Queen had a throne for a meet and greet set surrounded by her gowns and crown, and the most radical of all, Acid Betty’s nocturnal booth and to top it off, is her drag that reminds me of the movie “The Cell.” Shangela and Alyssa are sharing a huge set.


And a lot of them brought lighting for selfies, … how considerate. :) Familiar faces parade the aisles, and rows and rows of exhibitors showcase their wares. Many of the queens were out of drag, but some, like Willam and Acid Betty where in full drag. Some attendees where also in full drag.

DragCon2017-Preview-176If yesterday is of any indication, this weekend’s convention will be packed!

Check out photos of the preview night here.


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