Stacy Starstruck Street Show for UBER

It’s 3:30pm Saturday, I just arrived a few minutes in Seattle from a four-hour drive from Vancouver, BC, and had to deal with a few road hazards, and immediately I upon a couple of familiar faces who tipped me about a drag show for UBER in like two minutes on that very spot, literally. I was about to go in Lost Lake for late lunch, since I was starving! It might take a while so I queued in the restaurant. Well, Uber came, they told me it was random. Who could it be? Lo and behold, it’s Stacey Starstruck! Check out her performance, I’m glad I kept one foot inside the restaurant and the other outside. Unfortunately, ¬†I didn’t have my camera with me so I just used my phone, so this will have to do.


Thanks to Allison and Jenn for the tip!


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