Oats Studios – Volume 1 – FIREBASE


Vancouver, BCOats Studios, a film production company created by Neill Blomkamp — “Distinct 9″, “Elysium”, “Chappie” — in 2017, which aims to make experimental short films. According to its Facebook page, the studio will serve as “a testing ground for ideas and creativity leading to full scale feature films.”

Blomkamp has been very active in social media since the inception of the studio, engaging fans and film enthusiasts — soliciting feedback and expectations of the studio, its works, and resources film makers are interested to use (for a fee). It’s a great idea, and I think it will definitely cultivate new talent spawning novel ideas. He’s the first Director I know with grassroots film making initiative, and having open access for his fan base.

The studio’s latest experimental short film is Volume 1 – “FIREBASE”, released on June 28 in YouTube, it’s a 26:53 short film set in the Vietnam War with an alien twist, it’s reminiscent of the movie “Predator”. It’s the studio’s first in a planned series of short films (they refer to as “Volumes”) to get crowd funding worldwide for a potential full feature film. 

Volume 1 – “FIREBASE” is a neat concept. Since “District 9″ I’m impressed by the vividness and realism of CG elements in Blomkamp’s works. Like “Chappie”, “FIREBASE” needs a little tweak, specifically the dialog, which can be cheesy, or the acting, which could be more believable — like in the case of the Corporal, burn victim and survivor, whose acting too normal while his flesh is still raw and bloody. It’s experimental, so I’m a lot less critical with minutia. Other than the acting, the special effects — levitating objects and bodies, and alien design — and story are pretty good. Personally, I’m not a big fan of war movies, but add an alien to it… yes, let’s go!

Check out the short film below, and then go to Oats Studios’ crowd funding page if you like what you see.


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