Aja’s Candid Twitter Confession

Aja, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, posted a series of candid and heartfelt tweets about the challenges she faced prior to, during, and after her stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She started off with her, now infamous meme, where she lashed out on fellow contestant, Valentina.

Sometimes I wish this never happened

Then she continued…

So guys here’s a story about why S9 was very hard for me and I found it hard to compete – thus also creating these “iconic moments”

Years before I was on drag race I was in a relationship and that relationship became very poisonous on both ends so we had to break up.

After we broke up things got worst. The fights, the name calling, everything. And there was no escape because we were too poor to live apart.

The stress was overwhelming and the relationship had become more abusive than ever. I lost a lot of my self value and worth and even myself.

So one day I had the crazy idea that I could get on this show – @RuPaulsDragRace and I went for it knowing it would be my last hope.

And when I got that first call, I couldn’t believe it. I cried so much because I felt so close to freedom but it didn’t mean anything yet.

After weeks of waiting I finally got the call saying I was on the show. This moment literally changed my life.

And not because of fame or money. But because it was the day I felt a true glimpse of freedom from a bad situation.

I had not many friends or resources, pretty much nobody to turn to for help. So the people I did have around me and I did what We could.

I thought. Just be strong and act confident and things will go well! Boy was I wrong. I got there and in the first few days I fell apart.

How much hurt I was carrying on me from home was processing because it was the first time I ever had this time away & all I could do was cry.

Once that fairytale challenge came I thought – I got this – let me do something crazy and out there!

Once I found out I was in the bottom – my world was shook to its core. The amount of fear that entered my body was insane. What did I do?

I lipsynced and stood but did I really stay? My run became less about winning and more about staying safe enough to not go home.

So when I went home, I deserved it. Because I was fighting to survive and I did as long as I could. Those girls were fighting to win.

Anyways, I got home fixed until that situation and now I’m happy. By the time the season was over I was in a way better place.

I have a great support system And a true freedom I wanted for years – and that is priceless and worth more than my run on the show.

I wish I could’ve done it another time in my life but it was truly my only escape. So hopefully by the grace of luck and God -

I’ll be able to get another swing at the ball

I love drag and it has saved my life on several occasions & I would love to believe I’m that bitch – but I’m pretty normal average person.

I hope other queens who need to get pulled from their situations get on the show because it literally has changed my life.

This is why no amount of hate could EVER take this moment away from me.

Love yall. good morning and thanks for learning more about me.

I will never forgot all my supporters who have been there from the beginning I love all of you! That’s why I know all your names ✨ — Aja

Source: @ajaqueen/Twitter


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