RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 3 Cast Revealed!


RuPaul just revealed the full cast of the third installment of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race! The returning Queens all hand-picked by RuPaul!

“Returning fan favorites for the third All Stars tournament include BenDeLaCreme (season 6), Trixie Mattel (season 7), Milk (season 6), Thorgy Thor (season 8), Kennedy Davenport (season 7), Aja (season 9), Chi Chi DeVayne (season 8), Morgan McMichaels (season 2), and, in a playful nod to the queen that keeps on queening, Shangela, who’s now competed on three separate editions of Drag Race after previous stints on seasons 2 and 3.”—Joey Nolfi/EW

It’s a great line-up. The cast is made up of memorable Queens, who were intense (and sometimes loud) during their season.


Biggest first impression is Milk. What has she been doing? Boy she has bulked up so much I thought her promo photo was edited. I’m not shocked, as I’m accustomed to bodybuilding women. Milk could be “Hilk”… for Hulk+Milk (chuckles). Anyways, we all remember Milk, the one who wore pants on the main stage for the “Night of a Thousand Ru’s” challenge, who introduced Drag Race to “Home Ec”-drag. Is that really her body?


Aja is another great choice. We remember her as the great performer and very outspoken Queen in her season. Her comments about another fellow cast member in one untucked episode and again during the reunion is nothing short of viral on the web. She is basically responsible for changing the “Miss Congenitality” award to “Fan Favorite”, and rightfully so.


Shangela is an amazing choice! This would be her third stint at the RuPaul superbowl of drag. She is the most memorable of this batch, not to mention the most enterprising. Who could forget the her being team captain of the Bogers as they take on the Heathers? And her “sugar daddy” speech (tirade?) directed at poor Mimi Imfiurst… it’s iconic. And of course, her popping out of the big pink box on her return to season three is unforgettable.


Trixie Mattel is probably the most popular of this batch. The Queen who took over the torch once held by Bianca Del Rio — the one who did the clown-look. She got more attention (and sympathy votes) from fans when she got eliminated instead of Pearl… *raises hand*. She’s one of the very talented Queens in her batch, and a very personable one. She’s doing so well after the show, having a one-woman show, her vlog with fellow contestant, Katya Zamolodchikova, called “UNHhhh” – a YouTube show that is now a full-fledged TV show after it recently got picked up by Viceland. She’s the most tamed in this season of All Stars.


Chi Chi DeVayne is another great choice. She’s the Queen who improved the most in her season. And her back-story about survival and redemption is very inspirational, only second to Latrice Royale’s. She’s one talented Queen, it’ll be interesting to see her go head-to-head in a lip sync with either Aja or Kennedy Davenport.


And speaking of lip sync, next is Kennedy Davenport. She’s the straight-talk pageant Queen of season seven. She’s a fierce performer who jumped off the stage and to the floor in a split, sending Katya home packing. It will be interesting to watch her dynamic with the other more intense Queens.


Morgan McMichaels is an interesting choice. Who could forget her confrontation with Mystique Summers Madison – there were many “confrontations” with other contestants but it’s with the latter that was most intense. And her association with Raven during the show as the latter’s sidekick? Cemented. She’s among the most memorable Queens of her season even though she was eliminated early. She’s become more visible (popular) and outspoken about many causes after the show. Will she make it to the top five in All Stars 3? We shall see.


A place in All Stars is well-deserved for Miss Congeniality BenDeLaCreme. I still believe she should’ve made it to top three in season six based on her performance in challenges alone — sorry Darriene Lake and Adore Delano. She’s one of the most polished and talented Queen during her season. She’s done very well for herself after the show, producing a number of themed burlesque shows, with DeLouRue Presents, and taking it on tour … including off-Broadway! But how will her demure fair against the rest?


And last but not the least, Thorgy Thor. A very musically gifted Queen who is most memorable for her sunny personality, her braids, and her roller-coaster dynamic with the other two New York Queens (Bob the Drag Queen and Acid Betty) — and in particular her on screen rivalry with the latter. It’s safe to say she’s the cooky one in this batch.

For the first time in All Stars it’s hard to predict who will leave first and who will win. At first I thought Shangela got this, but then there’s Trixie and Chi Chi. And Aja’s not going to compete with eyes closed for sure, she’s a fighter. And when it comes to lip syncing, Shangela, Chi Chi, Kennedy and Aja are to be avoided at all cost. This is the most even line-up fans could wish for … that I could wish for. There’s no half-stepping in this batch. If there’s anything I wish this line-up it would be to include an alumnae from season one.

C’mon All Stars competition! Fight!

… but wait! There’s more…


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