bluebay700 mobile

Just released bluebay700’s official mobile portal, bluebay700 mobile  — a lightweight client for fast information access and search that runs on your mobile browser app. Optimized to run on Chrome app. No need to install apps and clog your device. No need to constantly update any app. Just go to the link and that’s it! bluebay700 mobile makes it easier and quicker to find your precious meet and greet photo for you to download, share, and print! infoStack offers photo print service through CanvasPro. Shipping is available anywhere in the USA, Canada, and EU.

This is just the first release … there are more exciting changes to come! And don’t forget the photo backlog, finally there’s a proper channel to unleash it all out! Stay tuned!

Check it out!

Oh, and one more thing. Download is only available to registered users. You can connect to using your social media app, no need to sign-up … just connect. It’s to protect the photos we work hard to produce from being leeched by some shady folks.


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