Vancouver considers handing Cambie Bridge lane over to cyclists

“The City of Vancouver is asking for the public’s input as it decides whether to hand over a lane of the busy Cambie Street Bridge over to cyclists.
The current proposal would see one southbound lane temporarily blocked off with removable barriers so staff can survey the impact. While cyclists are already allowed to share the east sidewalk with pedestrians, the city fears it’s getting too crowded.
“The sidewalk has become busier over the last decade, and conflicts have increased between people walking and cycling,” the city’s website reads.”—Shannon Paterson/CTV Vancouver


The City of Vancouver’s one-track mind and obsession with bikes is getting out of control. First, they took away precious limited lanes downtown and handed them over to bikers – who by-the-way won’t be using the said lanes all year round, clue: winter, heavy rains and what not, unlike motorists who need the roads all  year round. Second, they continue to close streets to force people to walk – assuming everyone is mobile that way. Third, they’re about to tore down the viaduct, which is obviously to hand over precious real-estate to developers, it’s pretty damn obvious! Fourth, they’re going to take away one lane on an already often congested Cambie bridge to a few bikers because the lanes dedicated to them and pedestrians is … congested. Really? In all my commute to and from Cambie in over eight years I’ve never witnessed such a debacle. Vehicular traffic congestion? Daily! Fifth, they up-ended bike business in West End by competing directly with the city’s own bike rental business, how ghastly! Crown corporation going after the small guys. They said they won’t. What a bunch of liars. So private seasonal bike business in the West End are thriving now, I bet. And lastly, the City’s anti-motorist agenda to turn the city into a pet project is severely one-sided. They keep taking away lanes from motorist without offering any alternative ways to go through or around downtown Vancouver. So it’s a mess, heavier congestion, year-after-year. It will only get worst with metro’s growing population! If they seriously want to solve downtown’s traffic problem, expand the Lions Gate bridge and return a chunk of the lanes back to motorists. Not everyone will want to commute or ride bikes, for one reason or another. Yes, Vancouver has a traffic problem, in-part brought by the city leadership’s short shortsightedness and lack of vision.

Vancouver is still a lovely city, if you don’t drive. Doing business outside of Vancouver is a lot less stressful and more fun. On a positive note, other neighborhoods and cities outside the downtown core are indeed booming, like the Drive, Hastings Sunrise, Kingsway in Burnaby, has a lot more to offer now more than ever! So there’s little need to even go downtown these days.


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