BenDelaCreme – The One Who Got Cut Too Soon

Let’s take a walk down on memory lane, shall we? BenDelaCreme, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, is slated to return to the Werk Room for All Stars 3 this winter.

During her season, she was one of the most talented and well put together contestant, only second to Bianca Del Rio. Yet, she sashayed away instead of Darienne Lake! Yes, it’s an old tale and the Queens have undoubtedly bury the hatchet, but it’s unavoidable to rehash old garbage when we’re rummaging for dirt in the basement.

Will the Seattleite make it far this time? Who knows? It’s an almost even batch this time. But goodluck to her!

In the mean time, check out these photos of her show, Terminally Delightful, in Seattle.

Terminally Delightful – Part 1

Terminally Delightful – Part 2


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