Detox – “She’s Gotta Habit” (featuring Ellis Miah & Keisha Henry)

Detox Icunt‘s latest single, “She’s Gotta Habit” featuring Ellis Miah and Keisha Henry, is another dance popping song by the Queen Bee of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five. The former DWV band member, who made a lasting impression with her rapping in “Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)” and “Boy Is A Bottom”, nailed it again with “She’s Gotta Habit”.

The accompanying music video is loaded with endorsements, plugs, cameos and literal interpretations of the song. It’s quite a lot to take in (it’s not a bad thing). Don’t blink, you might miss something. And there’s something for everyone. You can nitpick what you like and put that in repeat in your head and still have enough to play the whole track. And of course the last scene in the video, definitely gag-worthy, but what’s the connection? I’m curious why she didn’t chose to stand in the middle. I mean, it’s her music video, her song. Nevertheless, she and her lady friends look amazing! Officially!

Check out Detox’s latest video: “She’s Gotta Habit” showcasing Detox’s passion for fashion and glamour. Look out for celebrity guest appearances that will give you life!


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