#InstaMen : Upside of Hyper-Individualism

There exists a pervasive cultural trend that has been going on for a while in social media but now is really gaining a lot of momentum! Male nudity and subsequent monetizing. I’m not talking about celebrities or porn stars, I’m talking about your average Joe. Gorgeous men from all over the world get ripped and flaunt their assets for the world to see. And if you want to see more, subscribe for as little as $11 a month. Thanks to Instagram’s relaxing of explicit photos, i.e. exposed bums and revealing genitalia, there’s a never-ending line of men (and women) who willingly flash anything to get your attention for that double-tap and follow.

Follow, Like, Subscribe, Pay

All the attention hoarding didn’t really made any sense to me early on until sites such as OnlyFans gave these unabashed individuals a platform to monetize their look. It’s actually quite lucrative, if you do the math, they could potentially earn much more than product endorsements. Product placements often times come across as awkward, forced, or fake. I don’t know if an endorser is helping promote a product or not if they don’t look sincere or is only doing it for the check.


Men with chiseled abs and well defined physique takes a lot of work. And I have no doubt in my mind that they in turn inspire others to workout and live a healthier life, and that’s a good thing. Of course, along with it comes the proliferation of endowment misconception, “bigger is better”, the emasculation of the averaged man, and that is not a good thing.

I believe this trend is only ramping up. As individuals compete for attention, at least in Instagram, they will be more willing to show everything. Because what else is there to show? It’s just a matter of time when Instagram allows full-frontal nudity, this trend will really blow up … in a good way.

It is inspiring to browse through the cheekiness, the sculpted bodies, and the occasional tips on how to live a healthy life.

And with that, this will be the start of a new regular update of #InstaMen, mostly photos endorsed by Instagram itself via photo grid.


Alfred Liebl (@alfiecinematic)

I first took notice of him over a year ago from one of Tom Cullis’ photos. He’s got a handsome face (like he could play a classic Marvel superhero), and a well proportioned and toned physique. A professional photographer in Los Angeles, who is not shy about posing in front of the camera, a great model. He’s charismatic and engaging. I haven’t found anyone on Instagram yet who is more engaging and dedicated to his followers as much as his shtick and livelihood. A genuine guy who keep things cool and easy. Nothing outrageous … just him, his three dogs, his friends, and flings.


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