#InstaMen — @lx_koch

@lx_koch (Alex Koch), based in Cologne, Germany, is a very entertaining guy to follow. First of all, I don’t understand German, I’m often at the mercy of Instagram’s translation service, that is, whenever it shows up. He mostly speaks in German in his Instagram stories or videos, but they’re still fun to watch. I came across his photo from Instagram suggestions, in particular the first photo below. I was LOLing on that one. Unlike a lot of fitness buffs on IG, he doesn’t really show anything very revealing, but his photos are still captivating. I’m not really sure what he does, but it seems he’s into photography, modeling, and merchandising. He can come across as serious in his portraitures, but it’s a different story in his videos. A very chatty and goofy fellow. Yes, he’s beautiful… I mean, check out those full lips, sparkly eyes, well-groomed eyebrows, etc… he’s… alright. (cough)(grins) Whether you understand the German language or not, you’ll find yourself laughing when he laughs.

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Sorry, Instagram content https://api.instagram.com/oembed/?url=https://instagr.am/p/BazOaL8H3lC&maxwidth=612&hidecaption=0 is not available.


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