#InstaMen – Henry Licett

@henrylicettmundial (Caracas, Venezuela), is an actor and singer – probably a rebranding because he forgot to add model and dancer – who boasts of having amazing physical assets from head to toe. If you happen to follow him and have seen some of his work, you’ll know that the previous statement is a gross understatement. Aside from his stunning bright blue eyes, strong jaw, great physique, ample tush … and package, he’s got the charisma to match. If you happen to watch footage of his club gigs, where he bares all, what is very apartment, aside from his endowment, is his genuine bubbly and cheerful predisposition. He interacts with his audience with gusto. He’s no stuck-up diva. For those hopeful to snag this amazing man, sorry boys and girls… he’s taken… and a father. But that shouldn’t deter fans from following him on Instagram, or if you opt for something more explicit… well… that will cost you $50 a month on OnlyFans.com.

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