“The Long, Long Holiday” (2015)

I was drawn to this series by it’s cover that has a similar drawing style of “The Adventures of Tintin”. It’s in French with English close-caption. After watching the first episode, I couldn’t stop.


The Long, Long Holiday” (2015) is a story about two siblings and their time spent in the countryside of Normandy, at the onset of World War II up until its’ liberation,  with their grandparents while their father fights the war and their mother in Paris to seek medical treatment.

The five-episode series is narrated by Colette, now old, who was a little girl when events happened. It’s very entertaining to go through the motions as the siblings deal with separation, grief, bullies, friendship, patriotism, courage, and finding joy from all sorts of things… from a box of coloring pencils or a pet piglet named Muddy. The animation is excellent. The bright colors, clear lines, and beautiful country sceneries are perfect juxtapositions to the emotionally charged family ordeals and the grim harsh realities of war.

I also like the pacing of the story, the levity, and how it kept some of the grim aspects of the events at peripheral vision. It stayed focus on telling the story of the siblings. It didn’t overly pumped it with the Nazi and Jewish storyline. It’s part of the story but not the cornerstone. Although the stories being told are just as powerful.

And even though I had to skip back a few times to catch up on the English subtitles when the dialog is fast, the French language, surprisingly, wasn’t a big distraction.

If they dub this in English, I’d buy the Blu-ray edition. It’s worth rewatching. Although I particularly am not a huge fan of war movies, this series I make an exception. A great coming-of-age movie and history lesson.

It’s currently streaming on Netflix, check it out.


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