Pandora Boxx’s “Aunty Pandy Says” Is A Hoot!


Pandora Boxx just released her new web series, “Aunty Pandy Says”, where she plays the intoxicated aunt Pandy, something most of us can relate, who gives useless advice about random things while she sips cheap drinks and flashes her four-weeks medicine dispenser. It’s hilarious! I mean, aren’t we all tired of people giving advice about everything? Well this one is pointless, so there’s no pressure to follow through. Check it out and have a drink! Sit back and relax! You can take off your pants if you like … at home.

She’s not a regular aunt. She’s your fun Aunty Pandy! She likes cheap drinks, cheap men and cheap bail.

Starring: Pandora Boxx as Aunty Pandy
Produced by: Michael Steck & Tommy Bowe
Directed & Edited by: Chris Hamil
Written by: Michael Steck, Tommy Bowe, Sam Nulman and Alex Bair

New episodes every Tuesday on Pandora Boxx on YouTube! Drink responsibly.


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