#InstaMen – @sjoyfitness86

@sjoyfitness86, from the UK (or does he hail from Halvsvensk, Sweden? I give) , effortlessly delivers class and sexy. His bio only hints he’s European, loves animals, has a good sense of humor, and kind of forgetful… because, as he wrote, “I keep losing my shirt.” What a funny way to poke at one’s self for posting too many shirtless photos. Hey, no one is complainants. And it cuts back on laundry, so animal lover and a friend of mother nature (try get the connection yourself this time)… that’s a good combo. Anyway, from my feedback on his posts indicates he’s an engaging person, like Alfie Cinematic. I think followers respond well to someone who’s not high on themselves. He’s great and worth checking all his bits.

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