First Glimpse of Drag Race Thailand Host, Art Arya


First glimpse of Drag Race Thailand host, Art Arya. According to Piyarat Kaljareuk’s Instagram update, and some rough Thai to English translation, her credentials is quite impressive.

“Art-Araya List of Thailand Has been in fashion for more than 30 years, appeared on The Face Thailand Season 1 and 3 … graduated bachelor degree. 2nd Class Honors from the Faculty of Art Silpakorn University Then study the fashion. Design in France When finished, work with LANVIN and return to Thailand. He started working as a Creative Director before taking on independent work. In addition to her stylistically engaging list with Designer for THEATER, she shares her knowledge and experience as a teacher.”—Piyarat Kaljareuk/Katana Group


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First impression, Arya (as she wants to be called) is amazing. Thailand drag is indeed very fishy. Notice her mug is not exaggerated, her lips not overdrawn, but still has that wow-factor. She incorporates cultural elements perfectly. Notice her waistline in the red outfit, the whole ensemble is very reminiscent of RuPaul in All Stars Season 1 promo. Drag Race Thailand definitely adds something fresh for fans to chew on.

Stay tuned!

Our translation is crude and at the mercy of software. We’re not accustomed nor familiar with the talents, especially the names, so expect typos, but we’ll try to do our best.


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