Drag Race Thailand Ruveals Second Host


Drag Race Thailand introduces co-host, Pangina Heals. It’s quite amazing to have two drag hosts. It’s time to start digging some T on these Queens. For now, here’s a translated caption from Thai.

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Watch out! Another Momma has arrived…to slay. Welcome our co-host ‘Pangina Heals’ Never before that Drag Race been this exciting! Drag Race Thailand comes along with 2 hosts. This is gonna be so juicy !! The format creator has approved and gave them a greenlight!

Pangina Heals! So … the big surprise from Drag Race Thailand after the debut artwork – Araya is a regular host. The big surprise is the launch of Co-host to act alongside his mother-art Araya, that is Pangina Heals or Punpakorn Noble Drake Queen. Rock is well acquainted with the charismatic blonde girl and his dashing style of dance. Let’s say that this event is full with the joining forces 2 Host to give the fans happiness. Thai people, especially the mother, Ralph Lauren open the green light to guarantee. Prepare a new dimension to the Drag Race in February.
Before going to meet with Panpun in Drag Race Thailand, we came to know this Dracula Queen.

Pandora’s dreamy queen comes with her signature blonde girlfriend and his dashing dance moves. After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA Pangpan decided to pursue a career as a professional dancer. Waacking currently has a regular show at Maggie Choo’s …”—Piyarat Kaljareuk/Tanaka Group


Pangina Heals looks amazing! As she should be.

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Stay tuned!!!


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