Drag Race Thailand To Stomp The Runway After Valentines Day!

For weeks drag race fans has been soaking up on Thailand’s first batch of the Drag Race contestants. Ten Queens are about to make herstory as the first batch of regional talents ever to be officially inducted into the Drag Race Sisterhood. Drag Race Thailand is the first official licence of Drag Race in Asia and, with the exception of the UK, the world! I can’t stress enough how significant this is.


Drag Race Thailand’s first press conference last month was a hoot! It gave the fans a first glimpse of the cast members’ personality, including the host, Art-Arya In-dra, and co-host, Pangina Heals. And from the looks of it, we’re going to in for a real treat! The drama, the pageantry, the talent and the lewks! This ain’t your typical fried rice, henny. This cuisine is special, with a side of hot sauce and spring rolls, and a tall glass of Thai iced tea. Hungry yet?

In two weeks these fabulous Queens will make you forget your date on Valentines Day! If you haven’t familiarized yourself with these amazing batch, here’s your chance.

Supattarapon Kasikam, 30, who goes by the drag name Dearis Doll.Supattarapon Kasikam, 30, who goes by the drag name Dearis Doll. It’s been said that her art teacher was the one came up with her drag name. She’s a multi-lingual Queen, she can speaks Thai, English and German. See’s also one of the most prolific cast in social media, second only to B. Ella Biggie (even though it’s a distant second), who actively shares her drag looks. The drag she showcase are stunning.

Autsadayut Kunwisetpong, 37, who goes by the drag name Natalia Piarcam. Autsadayut Kunwisetpong, 37, is a ten-year drag veteran, an ex-athlete, a fashionista, a former cheerleader and a foodie. When in drag, she goes by the name Natalia Piarcam. Her drag serves pageantry and classic touch. As the most experienced cast in the bunch she could end up in two ways, the first contestant to sashay away or the last one standing. Again, there are only a handful of drag receipts available in the interweb, but from what we gather, she’s got her act together. It’ll be interesting to see how she’ll work the competition.

DragRaceTH-Amadiva_Pudthawee Thepkraival, 24, is a very interesting cast. He comes across as someone who is soul searching, and who probably is too modest, for a Queen. His bio includes the quote, “Life is colorful so live it vividly! I’m just a little guy who love [sic] fashion…”. When in drag, she goes by the name Amadiva. A name she picked to pay homage to Beyoncé’s “Diva” single. There aren’t a lot of drag receipts to be had about this queen, aside from fabulous shots of her as a makeup model in a makeup class. It’s been said that she does drag a lot less than RuPaul in a year. But one could say, there’s a lot of great potential there, we just need to see it.

DragRaceTH-Bunny_Kittameth Seethan, 25, for starters, is a very talented artist and painter, and a former cabaret actor. Her sketches and paintings are fantastic. Which is not surprising all that talent end up on her face and her drag, remember Miss Fame’s back story? Bunny Be Fly, as she’s called in drag, seamlessly transfers that artistic side of her into her drag persona. Her costume choices serves a little bit of cosplay and a little bit of superheroine touch. She’s got the grace and the moves too. Will she slay the competition?

DragRaceTH-Annee_Thainisorn Hengsuwan, even at 30, as a boy, he can pass as a teenager. Known in drag as Année Maywong, a nod to the Latin for “New Year”. There’s not enough receipts online to be had about this fabulous Queen. Most of her social media is of her out of drag, but when she’s in drag, it’s amazing! Although one could also envy his very youthful face. What is his secret? It is safe to assume she’s the one Queen who will dramatically evolve during the show. In the press conference footage, you can see her reading another Queen just by looking, and still look intriguing and fun.

DragRaceTH-Petchra_Panupong Jaruensuk, 30, who goes by the drag name Petchra Petchii, formerly Marylin, comes across as a classic demure beauty queen. Indeed, her drag name is in reference to a famous Thai film actress Petchra Chaowarat – who starred in over three hundred films in the early 60s to late 70s, who was hailed as the icon of the “Golden Age” of Thai cinema. Her drag creations are fantastic! She’s the Queen who can switch things up. She can go from pop diva, to bad ass girl, to classic glam, to culturally relevant Queen in a wink. Her looks are just right and not overdone. This is a Queen who knows how to … edit (herself)! How well she fair in a lip sync battle? We shall see!

DragRaceTH-Meannie_Mananya Puengmai, 26, is a full fledged woman. She’s the Nicki Minaj of Thailand. And she does give her justice. Her drag persona is called Meannie Minaj. And deservingly so, she’s got the beauty, the body and the booty to prove it — even though Pangina Heals said, “It’s not real!” out loud, as she dipped her derriere on the floor during the press conference, that funny co-host really. She’s a full-time entertainer The Stranger Bar. Her favorite quote, as posted on her Facebook is, roughly translated from Thai to English, “Make today the best, but do not stop if you do not reach the top.” She’s got the right attitude. About competing in Drag Race Thailand, she says, “I didn’t come to play. I came to win the whole game, because I want the cash prize.”

DragRaceTH-Jaja_Angeles R-Jay Carubio, 34, is the Bebe Zahara Benet of Drag Race Thailand, simply because she’s the “imported” Queen. Originally from the Philippines — which is basically a stone’s throw away from Thailand in regional terms … I mean, if you don’t know your geography, Philippines is a thirty-minute butterfly stroke from Thailand or a twenty-pesos ride on Uber PH … who am I kidding? Google it? – and she’s here to slay. She can speak Thai. JAJA, as she’s called while in drag, joins the ranks of Filipina drag queens with ancestry originating from the Philippines, like Manila Luzon, Jiggly Caliente, Phi Phi O’Hara, Ongina and Bianca Del Rio … :) … anyway, she can do high kicks, death drops and is a little messy and funny. When asked about her drag name, she says, “I like it because it’s easy to say and easy to remember.” She’s cool!

Read more about Aja’s recent interview with TEAM magazine.

DragRaceTH-Morrigan_Chaipong Piwpong, at 18 is the youngest Queen — or should we say “Princess?” – of the bunch, who goes by the drag name Morrigan Xaster. If Ariana Grande and Kesha had a baby, Morrigan would be it. We tried to dig some dirt (#WhatsTheDirt) — kidding! I mean tidbits – about this young Queen but nothing came up. First impression, she’s got the moves and the look. She is so polished, she was probably born while in the middle of doing her own makeup.

DragRaceTH-B-Ella_Anothai Ngeesantiae 30, a very impressionable talent who comes across as shy but severe. He’s a graduate of Bangkok University, a makeup artist and businessman (Biggie Makeup), and previously appeared in a series called “Diary Tootsies.” She want’s the world to know that “you can be fat and beautiful.” He goes by the drag name  (“B” stands for “big”, and beautiful, and “Ella” for “Cinderella”) or “Biggie” for short. When in  drag she is quick on the toes, curvy and sassy. She also boasts as the most popular cast in social media, with over 19,500 followers on Instagram.

The competition will be hosted by Art Arya, along with co-host, Pangina Heals (press), both drag icons in Thailand. Drag Race Thailand premieres on February 15, 2018 exclusively on LINE TV.

Press: Passion Distribution, EW, Hometapp, Gay Times, Katana Group


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